Scourge of the Howling Horde

The first session begins...

The world Caelus is entering a new era of exploration and discovery. The age of sail has begun, and the various empires of Humans, Avyans, Haflings and Dwarfs – The Skylords – are just beginning their outward expansion and exploration of nearby skylands. Great wooden sailboats, kept aloft by an ancient magic metal called [[]Aurit]e, carry explorers and settlers across the skies, where exotic lands and plentiful spoils await those brave enough to seek them out.

In the skydock city of Lock Harbour, four adventurers seek fame and glory. A mysterious living construct in the semblance of man – a stalwart defender of whoever holds his control rod. The holder of his rod is Kurginn, a Dwarf druid exiled from his people for his worship of nature and research of the old ways. There is also Ellamorspin Gimbranger, a spry young Gnome rogue, fleeing from a forced marriage and seeking out her own fortune and destiny; and finally, Philoctetes, a wise Gnome cleric of Garl Glittergold, mischievous but kind-hearted.

Our adventure begins with the intrepid party meeting on a dirt road leading into Barrow’s Edge, a small hamlet on the Skyland of Trell’s Hope, a frontier world just recently discovered by the Skylord empires. The people of Barrow’s Edge have sent out a call for help in dealing with a menacing tribe of Skum that have begun raiding the small settlement at night, stealing valuables and killing villagers. Along the road to Barrow’s Edge, the group came across an unsettling scene: an overturned merchant’s wagon; its Avyan guards under attack by Skum raiders. After a short skirmish, the raiders lay dead and the wagon’s owner appears from hiding; a Gnome merchant named Sten Goodseller, who gratefully thanks the party for saving her life and asks to accompany them to Barrow’s Edge. However, the road ahead was still not safe…

The party was ambushed near twilight the same day by another Skum – this one a Druid, with a mangy wolf companion! After a fierce battle, in which Kurginn’s squid companion was slain, the Skum was vanquished and its pet left in the wilderness to fend for itself. Finally, after these tribulations, our heroes arrived at Barrow’s Edge, greeted with a warm welcome by the villagers there.

After exploring the town, and learning more about the Skum threat, the adventurers set out for the Howling Caves, a mountain range less than a day’s travel from the village, where the Skum threat is believed to have originated. Before leaving town, Kurginn successfully befriends a small skyshark as his new animal companion.

At the Howling Caves, the party finds a cave entrance guarded by Skum raiders, whom they defeat in an intense battle that leaves most of their spells spent. They barricade themselves in a small artificial room just inside the mouth of the cave, blocking off both entrances with furniture, and bunker down for a long night…



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