Druidic Journal Entries

Below are excerpts from the Druidic journal, written by a Skaven Druid, found in the Howling Caves by the party.

Clan make good home in caves. caves big, make big Clan. in cave, i find room with Shrine for Human God. we will cover and make good Shrine for Maglubiyet. Chief Graxx make good in finding caves.

some parts Cave have Big Spiders. Spider kill many Skum. we not go that part caves any more. already have many room for all Skum, need not waste more Skum to make big Clan rooms.

i explore outside caves today. find Human Village Half Day West of cave. Find tall Human Tower 2 days North from cave. in Tower is Human Mage. he have many Magic guards and traps, but i climb outside Tower. he make Dark Magic, he make Magic Fire cave appear, summon Horned Thing from cave, make Horned Thing give him power.  

today bad day. Black Dragon Noak come. Dragon demand all tribute, take over cave. Darak kill Chief, take over Clan. now Clan worship Noak, raid human village and give all tribute to Noak. all Clan now afraid. Urrtarr, new Clan Mage, make special potion to resist Black Dragon acid breath.

i will help Clan. i go back to human tower and climb outside. i find Human Mage and kill him, then make Horned Thing give me power. i use power to kill Noak, then all Clan is free and safe. Urrtarr make living dead guard my cave room. she ally against Noak.

Druidic Journal Entries

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